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Bowen Financial focuses on tailor-made retirement planning and investment management to match your lifestyle.

Maximizing Income From Retirement Accounts

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You have worked hard and saved money throughout your career with the purpose of funding retirement in a tax-conscious manner. However, we are in a new era of market fluctuation, one dominated by bigger and faster gains and losses.

Since the financial winds continue to blow during your retirement years, you must have a plan that emphasizes protection. Let us provide you with a personalized strategy that features added safety, income, and control of your savings.

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Social Security Income and Tax Management

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What if we could find an extra $500-$1,000 of MONTHLY income from Social Security? What if we could reduce your Social Security Taxes by 85% at our first meeting?

Maximizing your Social Security Benefit is complex and different for each individual. If you don’t understand all the choices and options, it could cost you and your spouse a tremendous amount of money in retirement. Can you afford to get this wrong?

Join Brandon Bowen at an upcoming Social Security Seminar and gain peace and understanding as you head into the best years of your life!

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Required Minimum Distribution

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At age 70 ½, the federal government requires distributions to begin on most accounts. However, with the right strategy, your taxable income could be lowered tremendously. Let's talk. We can help!

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This client typically is preparing for or currently in retirement. This client has needs and objectives in the following areas:


Typically, a private wealth client has a net worth higher than $10,000,000 and their needs and objectives often expect a higher level of service in the following areas:

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